Electric convection ovens mod. SMARTIE

The new line of CONVECTION OVENS MOD. SMARTIE has been created to meet all the most specific needs of bakery and pastry expertes.

Technical characteristics:

Hood with steam exhaust fan or with steam condensator Ovens in inox stainless steel Double glass, to be easily opened Lights inside the baking chamber and on the oven door for an optimal lighting of all the products during baking Steam generator with manual input Two-way air flow motors (2 motors for the models of 4 and 6 trays, 3 motors for the model of 10 trays) Suction casin easily removable Oven and prover are avaiable in the version with mechanical controls and with digital controls Max Temperature: 280°C Prover with: humidification system with pan, with variable moisture from 60 to 90% temperature regulation from 20 to 90° air ventilation system Oven support with frame supporting trays

Ventus 16T

VENTUS 16T is a convection oven with 16-shelves rotating trolley, mainly destinated to supermarkets, small bakeries and pastry shops, easy to install because delivered fully assembled and able to assure perfect uniform baking and rapid temperature recovery.

Danzi Forni