Steam annular tubes deck oven Mod. Verona

THE STEAM ANNULAR TUBES DECK OVEN MOD. VERONA is a static deck oven. The chief characteristic of this oven is its heating system, with a dense network of closed circuit tubes in which steam circulates. The baking chambers are wrapped by annular tubes, while the roof and the ceiling of each baking chamber are heated by double transversal tubes.  The choise of keeping a traditional project even if continously renewed in time, provides and guarantees our customers with ovens with low consuption, quick temperature recovery, and perfect uniform baking, all made possible by perfectly sized smoke ducts made of refractory bricks, automatic device for the draft adjustment, and the lateral puddled concrets.  Heating: The oven may be heated with either a gas or gasoil burner. On request the oven may  be equipped with a stove alongside the oven for solid fuels (wood, pellet, etc).

Electric deck oven mod. Jolly

ELECTRIC DECK OVEN MOD. JOLLY is suitable for baking all types of bread and pastry whatever their sizes. This oven is composed of indipendent and insulated baking chambers. Decks independent operation allows different baking temperatures for each deck with the possibility to bake different products at the same time. Control panel: Avaiable only in the computer version. Heating: It is heated by armored heating elements, placed under bottom and ceiling of each deck, ensuring heat distribution and good performance.

Electric modular deck oven mod. UP

THE ELECTRIC DECK OVEN MOD. UP is a deck oven able to bake any type of bread and confectionery product. It has a compact and elegant design, completely in inox. This oven is composed of 1, 2, 3 or 4 independent and insulated baking chambers. Deck independent operation allows different baking temperatures for each deck, so that different types of products can be baked at the same time.  Maximum baking temperature: 290°C The oven is placed on a support or on a prover, provided with wheels, all with breakes. The hood is equipped with an exhaust fan.  The doors are in inox, with double glass and they open out-,downward. The baking chambers are indipendent and provided with their own steamer, automatic steam exhaust damper and baking plates made of glassfiber concrete for allowing the baking of whichever type of product, directly on the floor or on tray. The control panel is a programmable touch screen control system, with 50 baking programs on 8 phases. The heating of the oven is obtained by armoured heating elements, placed under the baking plate and on the ceiling of each deck, ensuring uniform heat distribution, fast heat and recovery, excellent performances